The Potty Training Games

I call the current phase of our journey in parenthood: The Potty Training Games


Never lose sight of who you really are… trust in yourself

wom·an·hood ˈwo͝omənˌho͝od/ noun the state or condition of being a woman. What seems to be missing from the above is the mention of ‘superhuman with the ability to play multiple roles at the same time’ – don’t you think? Somehow in the midst of being everything to everyone, we reach a point where we start…

The Silent Treatment Smoothie… for Constipated Kids (& Adults!)

Something that not everyone is too keen to talk about… constipation. It’s all good and manageable when it is yourself (or another adult… hubby?) to worry about. But when it comes to your little one (no matter what age), it’s always a bit more of a daunting task. Since we started Caitlin’s potty training (she…