Mama’s Down There Spray

Our ‘Down There Spray’ is a convenient on the go repair treatment for your ‘Down There Bits’ after birth. Your ‘Bits’ need some tender loving care after performing the miracle of birth and this invigorating and soothing ‘Down There Spray’ helps to quickly repair your bits and bring them back into healthy working order.

Our 'Down There Spray' is a repair treatment for the Perineum after birth. A wonderfully convenient on the go solution. Carry it in your bag.
Witch Hazel Calendula Hydrolat Rose Geranium Hydrolat Aloe Vera juice
Use after visiting the bathroom. Use it on the go as necessary, this should be used in conjunction with the Sitz Bath for best results
Shelf Life 1 Year The spray is topical and contains completely safe and organic ingredients and is designed for new mothers and the repair of the perineum area. Please talk to your health care provider before use if you have concerns. Do not use or consult a professional if you have lupus or any kind of clotting disorder, as herbs high in vitamin K may not be appropriate. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, and this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure anything.
My Bits needed plenty of repair and I loved this spray as it was so convenient and it made me feel cared for.


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