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The Silent Treatment Smoothie… for Constipated Kids (& Adults!)

Something that not everyone is too keen to talk about… constipation. It’s all good and manageable when it is yourself (or another adult… hubby?) to worry about. But when it comes to your little one (no matter what age), it’s always a bit more of a daunting task.

Since we started Caitlin’s potty training (she was about 2 years old when we started… the same time when toddlerhood came in at full force) we noticed that she became more and more constipated. Not only was she more outspoken towards the food that she wants to eat (gone are the easy days of feeding veggies and fruit in a jiffy) but she also started showing her independence, of which one was to ‘hold it in’. This duo display of ‘I have a say in what I want to do’ caused havoc on Caitlin’s gut… ultimately, causing constipation issues.

We’ve tried everyting recommended by the GP and Pediatrician… all of them saying ‘it’s just a temporarily solution’ and ‘a lot of toddlers go through this period in their growing stages, this too shall pass’ (no pun intended). After different medication attempts that had us sitting up in the early mornings with a tummy going from completely bloated, constipated and sore to runny tummy crying on the loo sessions with multiple diaper changes in between.

As we went through it all, I decided that the medication’s not going to resolve our problem with the aftermath it had and I still needed to potty train Caitlin. So I decided to go the more natural route, researching ways to get her to eat more high fibre through dishes that she enjoys.

A year and a half later, we’ve now reached the stage where she is fully potty trained for #1 and have a toilet routine in place to get her used to doing a #2, alongside good list of food items that helps us get her tummy to go as close to normally as possible. This list of food items includes:

  • Squishies (these funky little packs are ideal all season long and the fruity flavours that includes tummy encouragement like prunes, guava, mango and pear are always on the shopping list) Visit their website for more info by clicking here.
  • Wholewheat pasta (Caitlin LOVES pasta, thus when I make her favourite Spaghetti Bolognaise, I always use wholewheat pasta. Fatti’s & Moni’s being the favourite in our house 🍝)
  • Digestive Biscuits (a favourite of mine that Caitlin adapted to eating, we sometimes treat her with the Baker’s Betta Snack Digestives that have a bit of extra love with some Chocolate or Caramel on… sugar rush galore, but as part of our morning coffee routine it fits right)
  • Wholewheat or Multigrain Bread (I usually opt for Albany’s Ultima range and a firm new favourite is their new Ultima Calorie Controlled Brown Bread. Simply divine and even better with less guilt. Top it off with Oh Mega Peanut Butter and a smidgen of golden syrup…your little one will be licking their fingers off!)
  • Hidden Veggies (hiding veggies is probably my biggest challenge with Caitlin. She immediately knows when there are veggies in a dish and refuses to eat it, even though she eats all her veg at school. Umatie’s Macaroni & Cheese is the only one that I’ve found Caitlin to enjoy and not picking up the veggies hidden in them. Hooray!!! PS. even onions count as a vegetable in Caitlin’s frame of reference 🙈)
  • Plain Double Cream Yogurt (We usually opt between Woolworth’s Double Cream Plain yogurt or Lancewood’s High Fat Double Cream yogurt that’s absolutely delicious with honey and fresh berries and/or nuts for breakfast)
  • Fresh Fruit (A staple in our home are Strawberries, Apples, Banana and Blueberries. I tend to buy berries from the gym’s health shop or direct from the source, the closest to us being Hillcrest Berry Orchards)

And lastly, a new discovery I’ve made is that Caitlin absolutely LOVES smoothies! Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner – it doesn’t matter, she’ll have a smoothie anytime. I’ve taken a bit of advantage of this by adding some ‘good for your tummy’ food items that she wouldn’t necessary eat (her exact words being “Ugh, Sleg Mamma!” with some additional mouth gestures and sounds 😄). The brilliant SMOOTHIE has come to this Mama’s rescue!

The Silent Treatment Smoothie: Gut Happiness in a Glass

  • half a cup of frozen banana
  • half a cup of frozen blueberries
  • half a cup of papaya
  • 3/4 cup of double cream plain yogurt
  • 1tsp honey
  • 3/4 cup of apple juice (or for something less sweet opt for milk or water)
  • 1tbsp of oats

Blend it all together for about 2 minutes and serve for immediate consumption.

If you struggle with a little one that’s at the age of eating solids and struggling to go poop, why not give our smoothie recipe a try? Packed with all the goodness of mother nature provides for us.

Much love, C



Unplanned? Not necessarily unloved…

A few weeks ago a very good friend of mine announced that one of her very childhood friends is expecting a baby. This friend is also one of her bridesmaids and the pregnancy was unplanned. 

Now, as a bride-to-be you can imagine the mixture of emotions going through her. She’s ecstatic for her friend and at the same time also very emotional about the fact that it is the second of her four bridesmaids that will either be highly pregnant or breastfeeding a newborn baby at the wedding. For any bride, it can feel like the very end of the world as this would mean no high heels, jumping in pictures and all the other wedding trends currently seen all over the bridal scenes. 

Now, whilst she’s telling me all of this… here’s me 100% understanding what she’s saying and feeling. But then the other side of me (the mom side, i guess?) knew exactly what her friend is currently going through – a whole different mix of emotions! Joy, fear, self-doubt, uneasiness – the list goes on! 

This whole conversation brought up so many memories and emotions for me. A lot of you might not know, but can probably gather that Caitlin (our 3-year-old daughter) was also an unplanned pregancy. 

I remember it like it was yesterday! I was a wreck completely paranoid and afraid! No way I was ready to be a mom yet?! We planned on waiting a few more years in order to be more financially prepared. But God had other plans 🙂 When I had to break the news to The Husband, I feared for the worst (as I was completely scared out of my wits) but he was over the moon with pure joy of the great news! 

I think it was only around month 6 when my feelings settled and I felt more at ease with the fact that I was going to be a mommy. 

Caitlin’s birth was an extraordinary experience. I recall as I held our little bundle of joy alone in my room, thinking to myself – ‘how on earth am I going to keep you safe from all the bad in this world and be a good mom to you?’ 

So far parenthood has truly been a memorable ride with ups and downs and curveballs every now and then. But I would not have had it any differently. Yes, it tests the little patience that I do have and yes, I don’t have that much time for myself or even with The Husband, but at the rate that Caitlin’s growing now, we’ll be having more time for ourselves sooner than we think! 

So, what was I getting at? Oh, yeah! Just because it’s an unplanned pregnancy,doesn’t  mean that that little baby isn’t loved. Most of the unplanned journeys we take end up being the most memorable and cherished ones! 

FYI – my friend got over her bridal emotions and couldn’t be happier for her childhood friend/bridesmaid! 

Share with me: was your prenancy unplanned? If so, how did you handle it? 

Much love, Chantelle


🙋🏼 Hey, it’s been a while…

Wow, how time flies… in general! Isn’t it just crazy? Next thing you know, it’s Christmas again and all those New Year’s resolutions or goals you set out for 2017 is just a distant memory. 

Since my last blog post, you might’ve noticed that Mama & Me has received a bit of a makeover. Not only did I have a minor run in with my previous hosting platform (we shall not name names) but I also got the sense that even though I loved the simplistic look of the previous site, it was not representative of our true personalities (well, more mine than Caitlin’s). So, I decided that it was time for a change to something that’s more vibrant and reflective of our ‘bubbly-ness’. 

I had big goals and dreams for Mama & Me (and still do) but soon realised that I was cracking under the pressure of giving guidance that will 100% help my followers in being the best mom they can be without losing sight of themselves. 

Thus, I will still be sharing my opinion, experience and challenges of finding balance as a working mom, trying my best to guide fellow moms following Mama & Me to do the same, but I will also be sharing a bit more of the fun side of motherhood – because it’s not all schedule juggling, dirty diapers and tantrums – you know! 

So, herewith i’d like to say “welcome to our new blog space. I hope you like it and that you’ll continue to visit this space where I’d like to share all things about motherhood, childhood and life itself! 

If you’re following Mama & Me on Facebook, please do join us on Instagram too! And vice versa! 

Much love, 

Chantelle & Caitlin 


Hello world!

As I start typing my first blog post for Mama & Me, a knot in my stomach develops with self-doubt settling in and making itself cosy. Thoughts of: “Will people read this blog?” “What if they don’t agree with me?” “Will they find my posts inspiring and encouraging when I myself sometimes go and look for the exact same thing when my strength levels have tumbled?” “What if its another failed blog a few months down the line?”

Then I realise that this is not a unique situation that I find myself in – self-doubt. It is normal for anyone to have some doubt in their capabilities. Take for instance that first time when your little one was placed into your arms, so perfect and yet so fragile. Thoughts of: “Will I be a good mother?” “How on earth am I going to do this?” “I’m not ready, am I?” runs through your mind at a fast pace and yet, somehow you rise above the challenge becoming the best mom that your little one needs. All it takes is motivation, willingness and time.

Motivation, willingness and time – three key ingredients to success in anything! As we’re still at the start of a new year (yes, I’ve written off January as its never a good idea to start new resolutions of any kin in the first month of the year, especially if you’ve had a long festive holiday!) one of my new year’s resolutions was to start my first (and hopefully only) mommy blog. I longed for a space where I can connect with like-minded moms that seek inspiration and encouragement for a balanced, happy life as much as I do. One where you’re not bullied with snarky comments (*clears throat while thinking of certain Facebook groups) from other self-proclaimed supermoms.

I vision is for Mama & Me to one day grow into a nurturing community for the modern-day mom. A place of inspiration, encouragement, compassion and resources for you be be ‘Mom’ without losing ‘You’. I hope to share many posts with these foundations and trust that you’ll enjoy them and use them for a happy, balanced life with your family and friends.

Looking forward to my next post? Let me know what your new year’s resolutions are for 2016 and what inspires you to achieve them by liking my Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MamaAndMeSA/

Much love, Chantelle