Top 5: Apps for busy moms

It’s the New Year. That means new feels. New opportunities. The same dreams. A fresh start. If you’re anything like me, then one of your goals for the year is to remain super organised.

As a working mom we have many hats to wear. I mean, jeez, no matter if you’re a working mom or a stay-at-home mom – the list is never-ending. I find myself struggling sometimes to manage all of these to-do’s and the expectations that come along with it – sending me into an whirl-winded frenzy of panic.  But, let’s be real here. Some days you wake up feeling super productive and ‘in the zone’ to get it all done. #winningatlife
Other days, all you want to do is press the snooze button, snuggle up under the blankets with the little ones and watch your favourite family shows on TV or play outside and enjoy the fun side of being a parent. #MomentsWorthLiving
But honestly, neither of these are in any way sustainable.

So in the spirit of the new year and a fresh start on it all. Let’s kick off the year being on top of all those school, work, family, life, self-care to-do’s with the use of that super-handy device right in your hand (bag?). Here’s my top five apps for busy moms – guaranteed to give you the title of #SuperMom!


Unknown-2     Fitbit

Taking charge of your health in terms of exercise, water consumption, calorie intake and a healthy weight is quintessentially necessary to ensure you eat, sleep and live better and healthier life. I’ve tried numerous apps that specifically cater for this and have found the Fitbit app to be the best option for me. Whilst I don’t own a Fitbit activity tracker, we do have the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi smart scale at home and the integration between the their products make life so much easier in terms of monitoring the above said health metrics.

I love the fact that they send you a summary of your progress that you’ve tracked through the app as it keeps you on top of keeping your health in-check. Am planning on expanding my Fitbit product use with one of their activity trackers later this year – just need to decide which one would be the best option to use… Any suggestions?

HiAppHere_com_org.iggymedia.periodtracker    Flo

I admit, probably my worst attribute as a female is keeping track of monthly cycle and the symptoms that is essential to monitor your overall health. Flo has been my go-to app for managing symptoms, monitoring my cycle and ovulation. If you’re trying to get pregnant, the app also assists with a pregnancy calculator and week-by-week monitoring function.

By entering your details it provides you with reliable predictions and also provides great articles in a special news feed section that relates to your historically logged PMS symptoms.

top-15-headspace   Headspace

If you have to count all the little moments of time that pass every time you ‘quickly’ have a look at your Facebook or Instagram newsfeed it can quickly run up a lot of time that went to waste (sorry to say). One of the key things when trying to remain productive is to set out quiet time. A few mere moments of simply clearing your mind. This, in turn, optimally reduces stress levels, increases your focus, declutters your mind and encourages better sleep.

Now one thing’s for sure, I totally suck at sitting still, keeping quiet and clearing my mind. Headspace really teaches you how to achieve all of this. Only five minutes out of your day and you’ll find yourself in a much better space of mind than before. Now doesn’t that sound like a great way to start your day?


unnamed   d6 Communicator

I’m loving the fact that Caitlin’s new school that she’s starting with next week is making use of the d6 School Communicator app! Not only is super user-friendly, the reminders, calendars and resources functionality is absolutely amazing! At the tap of a finger, all the information you need on your child’s school, upcoming events and so forth is available. What’s more, if you have more than one child that’s attending different schools the app allows for multiple schools to be loaded. No more forgetting to read the home work book, notes from the teacher or sending unnecessary Whatsapps to school staff on things you’ve forgotten. Love it!


Trend-Free-Logo-Design-App-18-For-free-logo-design-software-with-Free-Logo-Design-App   Evernote

Jotting down notes, ideas and so forth is always something that I tend to do on what feels like 10 000 pieces of paper. Evernote provides a one-stop shop to do the same and syncs through on all your devices allowing easy access no matter where you find yourself. It’s also exceptionally handy in sharing notes and scribbles or pictures with your other half if you’re busy with a project (ours currently was installing a grey water system).

Whilst I’m still using the free version, I’m sure the premium subscription has many more benefits.

Other apps I tend to use quite a lot is Calendar 📆, iBooks, Checkers and Takealot. Online shopping is literally my saving grace and I would be lost without my Calendar. 🙈

Are you using a must-have app for moms that I didn’t mention? SHARE WITH US! I’d love to give them a try.



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