Snapshot of the year that was: 2017

Wow. Where to begin? It feels like every year we end off stating what a crazy year it has been. But on a personal level, none of the previous years can compare to 2017’s level of insanely crazy and busy-ness. Agree?

It has been a year of change (BIG change), growth, discovery, loss, disappointment and accomplishments. And yet, none of it would have been possible without the help, guidance and support from loved ones and hartsvriende.

As we steadily approach the new year, it serves to be the ideal time to take stock on all that has happened this passed year and how it has contributed to you, your family, your friendships, your life and your well-being. Self-reflection I’ve found as a useful tool for personal growth in the form of emotional intelligence, self-confidence and strengthening your integrity.

For me, one thing I’ve established as a core objective for personal growth is to strive for a life of abundance. Here’s why:

In 2017, we’ve seen…



Esde Muller
22 Feb 1950 – 10 Feb 2017

An unsung hero will always be the mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend that goes the extra mile for those who she does not know as she does for her own loved ones. When I think of Tannie Esde, this rings so true. Committed to people, always giving more than receiving, humble and true to herself – these are all characteristics that remind me of her and of a wonderful human being. My family hold dear memories of get-togethers with the Muller-family and whilst she is now amongst the wonder up in heaven, her legacy carries on in those that she’s left behind here on earth.


Lourens Du Toit
13 Jul 1948 – 23 Dec 2017

Whilst I’ve only known Oom Lourens and his family little over a year, his way of living Carpe Diem, his worldly intelligence, entrepreneurial spirit and value for his family has made a big impact on me. He is the true resemblance of living to the fullest when walking the straight and narrow path in life. This reiterates living an abundant life – “leef en laat leef”. Also a family friend of ours, his presence is sorely missed and I cannot even begin to comprehend what his family must be going through. It’s hard when a life is lost and its even worse for those of us that remain behind having to deal with the loss and sorrow that accompanies death. A doctor, pathologist, businessman, entrepreneur, community leader and more importantly a husband, father, brother and friend. Your legacy runs through each and every turn and I think all of us that knew him can agree that it will never be forgotten.



Part-time studies, full-time responsibilities
UNISA – Bcomm Marketing Management Year 1

I’m a firm believer in utilising the capabilities and skills that God has given you. I also like to learn new things and in doing so, increasing personal development that can then in turn, be used for the greater good such as giving back to your community, increasing the living standards of your family or placing your mark in the universe making a difference. The above picture pretty much sums up my view for half of my year where if I wasn’t doing assignments or prepping for exams, I was reading up on related industry trends to expand my knowledge further. I enjoy gathering/reading up on information that can be used practically in real-life situations, whether it be in work or personal life. It also supports and gives good balance to the cluttered creativity that swims around in my mind and provides much needed organisation in my life – a steunpillaar that I heavily depend on in order to function ‘normally’.

Many a times I’ve heard the opinion of others stating that in my younger years I was a ‘real spoilt brat’ or ‘always got what she wants’. Whilst there might ring some truth in these statements, the sad truth is that most of the time being a laat lammetjie of entrepreneurs with a full-time working schedule was quite a lonely place to be in. And yet, whilst I don’t tend to worry about what others say about me, somehow these opinions have placed a drive within me to prove them wrong. I’ve found that personal growth supplements this drive and in focusing on expanding my knowledge, experience and influence it provides a sense of satisfaction in proving that I don’t merely get handed what I want – I work for it!

Furthering my education within the Marketing industry was a hard decision to do, especially being a mom and wife, and whilst I can admit that sometimes I regretted it, at the end of Year 1 I’m so pleased and proud of myself to have accomplished the same amount of studies that a that a full-time student would’ve done, but in half the time to my disposal. There’s no fooling around – it’s difficult to be a full-time working mom and wife that’s also studying part-time. I could not have accomplished this year successfully if it was not for my a-m-a-z-i-n-g husband. Hy is my rots.

For Year 2, I’ve decided to take it slightly slower with Caitlin starting at a new school and I will only be doing 6 subjects, instead of the full 10. She’s in a critical development phase and as any parent, I somehow feel like I’ve failed her this past few months by not completely being available to her when she needed me ie. potty training challenges, fear of water and so forth. The mom guilt is REAL!


11 years in the making
A love that grows together, stays together

There have been many times that I feel as the ‘weak one’ in our relationship, purely because I have a husband that’s as bold and strong as the ocean and also as gentle as its delicate waves that console the coastline. Yet, each and every day I know that we learn more and more about one another, fall in love again with one another, choose one another and will remain to live alongside one another. I have learned so much about life and love from this wonderful human being, and even though there are times that we frustrate the living daylights out of one another, his calmness and humbleness keeps me sane and grounded. I cannot see a life without him in it and as we grow older together I get more and more excited about our journey – where we started, what we’ve accomplished, where we’re heading and all the bits in between. He has given me the greatest gift of being a family with a happy home that’s filled with laughter and love – something that I hope I’ve given him in return as well. Lief jou steeds, my engel xoxo.


I leave this section without an image as there is no picture that can describe the disappointment I’ve felt not only in myself at times, but also in others. Whilst I won’t elaborate on the details here, I felt the need to share this section as well. It also builds on your character and your strength. I do not like failure – not many people do – but I really detest personal failure and when failing others. With the realisation of us all merely being human and failure of some sort being inevitable, it is hard for me to deal with and is something that I’ve realised this past year. It is also something that I’ll be working on in the new year.

On the other side, when others fail you it is also quite hard. Especially when you rely heavily on them. Yet, as previously stated, failure is inevitable and you’re guaranteed to fail someone’s expectations at some stage. This is where forgiveness comes into the picture, naturally. It is also where you learn not to place your hopes, dreams, happiness, future and so forth on those that do not do the same with you. Or at least that’s my methodology on the matter.


They say that the three most stressful situations you can find yourself in is: starting a new job, moving house and getting divorced.

Whilst I cannot (and hope to never) confirm on the divorce topic, I can say that the first two is quite the stressful situation! In 2015 I changed jobs – it was heartbreaking but also exciting for me. I’m very grateful and happy in my job and enjoy it fully. In 2017, we decided to not only move house, but build it from scratch, move a week after my final exam and redo the interior whilst we’re at it! I’m happy to report that we’re extremely happy with our new home and God’s truly blessed us to have been able to set out and accomplish what we’ve wanted to do these past few years, especially in 2017. I’m still planning on doing a post on some of the interior changes we’ve done in terms of decor and so forth, but for now, I’m just so grateful for surviving and now enjoying the changes of this past year. The list of thanks to all that helped with us relocating is quite long, its shown me the importance of a support network and of family.

Our dream home in the making
Wellington, Nov 2017

Grateful for the year that was in all its glory and excited for the year that lies ahead. Now officially in my 30s, I hope that with the age the wisdom follows. 😉

Here’s to a wonderful 2018 and having more than #bestnine2017 moments to share with you all in the next coming months.



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