3 must-watch TED Talks for parents

Ask anyone that really knows me and they’ll tell you that I love to listen and watch inspirational, motivational and informative clips. Two of my favourites are podcasts through iTunes and TED Talks. I find you can learn so much from these experts and use their insights as guidance on any challenges or situations that you are dealing with right now.

So, I’ve gone and selected my top three videos found to be quite beneficial as a mother/parent and thought it to be only suitable to share them with you.

Now, you may not agree with all the opinions and views in these videos and that’s totally okay. Everyone’s situations differ and so their needs and outlook differ. With this in mind it is not to say that everything these experts’ share is relevant to your case, however, they do provide a greater understanding of our role as parents and an openness to a world of options that are available to us that we just weren’t aware of prior.

I hope you enjoy these three Ted Talks I’ve selected and trust that you’ll learn something quite valuable from them to better your family life, just as I have.

For parents, happiness is a very high bar: Jennifer Senior

This talk 100% resonated with me as parenthood has always felt like one big crises to me. As a naturally anxious person that have struggled with self-esteem issues from a young age, it has always been my goal to have a child that do not struggle with it as I have. Jennifer paints a good picture of how as parents we are overwhelmed by the worldly pressures of raising children in the modern age.

Responsible parenting – create memories, not expectations: Austeja Landsbergiene

As adults we tend to transfer our expectations onto our children. I know I’ve been guilty on this numerous times and Austeja has very much opened my eyes to better ways on managing situations when this tends to happen and rather focus on being a kind parent.

3 fears about screen time for kids and why they’re not true: Sara DeWitt

This subject is quite a big one for me as a lot of people have voiced their opinion of Caitlin being ‘addicted’ to a screen – whether iPhone, iPad or TV – and how bad it is for children. I’ve felt so much guilt as it can be seen as the ‘ideal, quick fix babysitter’ when your in great need of one and yet Sara shows that there are quite a few of these screen time myths that simply are not valid. This makes me feel a little bit less guilty and if this is something that’s of concern to you as well, this is definitely a clip to watch.


Much love,


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