Sit down, let’s catch up…


Jeez… three months since my last blog post! Where has the time gone?!

Life’s turned into such a rat race, hasn’t it? Rushing from the one to-do to the next. No wonder ‘mental overload’ is making burn out a reality! After a very long study session today, I’m sitting on the couch writing this post as Caitlin watches Despicable Me 3 and hubby watches his own programme in the bedroom. I can’t help but ask myself: since when did ‘screen-time’ become ‘me-time’? Or ‘family-time’, for that matter? Has the modern age of having our needs available at the click of a button changed our habits this drastically? Clearly, the answer is ‘yes’.

I truly miss the days when our catch-ups entailed a drive out to a destination unknown, chatting whilst the playlist of our favourite songs play in the background. No worrying about all the goods you need to pack and take with… just in case. Life was so much easier as a 22-year-old. Haha!

But, I’m digressing…

What’s happened since we last spoke?

Well, a lot and not a lot – all at the same time, really. That totally makes no sense, but somehow it sums it up perfectly!

Things are crazy – most of it self-inflicted, really. My own doing. The cost of turning out to be quite an ambition woman with dreams.

We’re closing up on our moving day… with the exception of hubby’s DVDs, not a single thing is packed yet! Second semester exams start next week and will continue up until a week before we move, as well. And work… work… work…

In between it all, Caitlin’s growing up so quickly. Our baby girl has turned into this bright, funny and whimsical little girl. Every day shared with her in our lives is so special! Who knew you could have your heart walk around outside of your body?

Being a parent is hard, being an anxious mom is worse. Still struggling to figure out how to manage the anxious part of being ‘mom’, however, I’ve found a few ways that help reduce anxiety and stress:

  • Exercise.

Exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress. Last year I had a walk buddy that really helped, but since she moved, I kind of let exercise fall away as part of my anxiety management. It’s something that I’m keen to take up again once we live in our new home as it is in a secured lifestyle estate, whereby now, we don’t have that luxury of added security when walking in the neighborhood.

  • Consider Supplements.

I have learned to take a few basic OTC supplements that helps keeping calm and relaxed. It really does help during exam times or extremely busy times at work.

  • Light a Candle.

Somehow a candle and the ocean has the same calming effect on me. Soylites candles remain a firm favourite of mine, however, having a toddler in the house its not the best thing to have around.

  • Reduce Your Caffeine Intake.

Something I really do struggle with is reducing my coffee intake. Especially on weekends. At work I’ve taken accustomed to drinking filter coffee rather than instant as it has a stronger taste, which in turn reduces the amount of coffee I drink per day.

  • Write It Down.

Not really something I’ve kept up to date with, really. Although, as a writer by profession it really does help getting your emotions out through putting pen to paper.

  • Chew Gum.

Or in my case, eat Halls. However, the sugar intake is absolutely shocking thus I’ve ended this semi-addiction and replaced it with a fidget spinner. I know, really… a fidget spinner?! But, honestly it helps.

  • Spend Time With Friends and Family.

I love spending time with my family and friends! Life gets so busy that it’s not always possible, yet it is an instant pick-me-up and stress reliever.

  • Laugh

It’s the absolute best remedy and one of the many reasons why I love my peoples (close circle of humans I can connect with) so very much! They know me, accept me and can lift my spirits in an instant – whether it’s a silly joke, a fun dance to music, a movie with tons of comedy scenes or just reminiscing about the good ol’ days.

I always ask myself – when did I turn into this anxious person?! The answer always remains the same. Somewhere between becoming an adult and a parent. AKA responsibility… Seems simple, right? Absolutely!

Mix it up with ambition and a pleaser personality trait; you’re left with a moderately anxious human being. So whilst the most stressful part of 2017 starts, I’m promising myself to make self-care a priority from now on. Starting with the above-mentioned things to help relieve stress and anxiety. Because being a better you means being a better mother and wife.

Do you also get anxious or stressed out? Share your advice on how you effectively manage it by commenting below.

Much love,
C xx


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