5 Kiddie-friendly wine farms in The Cape Winelands

Living in Cape Town has a great advantage of never being out of options when it comes to entertainment for the family. One of our favourite outings as a family is to explore the Cape Winelands District (Stellenbosch, Paarl, Worcester, Wellington and Franschhoek) whilst enjoying all the delicious food, superb wines and family activities it has to offer.

We always opt for places that are kiddie-friendly as this means the possibility of us staying longer is more likely than not. Whether it is a fun, jungle gym, a cookie decorating activity, a kiddie grape juice tasting or just a plain kids menu at the restaurant, here’s our family’s top five kiddie-friendly wine farms that we enjoy visiting… time and again.

1. Joosterberg (Klein Joostenberg)

A firm breakfast favourite for us, Klein Joostenberg offers a great variety of things to taste, see and do.

The Bistro offers open seating outside that’s ideal for parents who wish to keep an eye out on little ones playing on the grass or jungle gyms or swings.

Giving that true farm feeling, a few chickens roam amongst guest sitting outside, which keep the kids entertained for hours on end as well. Indoor seating also has a ‘homey’ vibe that adds to the authenticity of the farm.

The food is freshly prepared with a menu that caters for all tastes.

The Deli sells fresh goods such as fruit veggies, flowers and herbs, preserves and a variety of pork cuts fresh from the butchery – a must before leaving as we love doing our weekly grocery shopping getting stocked up on farm fresh goods.

As we usually end up doing the breakfast run at Joostenberg amd we’ve yet to explore other activities on the farm such as their wines or picnics.


2. Tokara

Probably my favourite, all time plave to visit as the views are simply breathtaking, the food is absolutely amazing, the wine and olive oils produced on the farm is simply divine and there’s a sense of true tranquility when I visit Tokara.

Another breakfast destination for our family as I am simply in love with their Delicatessen!

They have a beautiful play area outside with peacocks walking around on the grass area. The decor is simplistic and yet intriguing as it hosts all of the goods that they sell – from chocolates, olive oils, spices, kitchen goodies and load more).

A kiddies menu is available for little ones and I’d recommend bokking before visiting as they get filled up quickly for breakfast.


3. Jordan 

Jordan, has got to be my second favouw ine farm in our area. As with Tokara, it has a tranquil vibe to it with friendly staff, the most amazing breads and charcuterie that you will ever taste. The bakery @ Jordan is a great place to. Isit with the family for a summer’s lunch  as you sit on the deck whilst the kids play on the grass area as you look out on the farm dam.

We simply love the relaxed atmosphere that Jordan has and the wines that they offer are pretty damn good as well. We always end up leaving with a few bottles after lunch to enjoy at home at a next occasion.


4. Skilpadvlei

If you’re looking for a relaxing breakfast and getting the kids to play and release some of their energy the Skilpadvlei is ideal!

Affordable and quality food and wine to enjoy – this is yet another firm favourite of our family with a visit almost on a monthly basis.


5. Under Oaks

Recommended by Granny and Grampa, this is a newcomer to our list of favourite wine farms in the Cape Winlands area. Specifically in Wellington/Paarl.
Under Oaks is known for the delicious pizzas that they serve up alongside their wines.  The farm also has a homey feel to it with a fun play area for the kids outside on the grass areas.

When visitig you’re most likely to end up being there for more than 2 hours as time passes so quickly and the fun just doesnt stop. Highly recommend the pizzas!


Next time you pop round to our neck of the woods, be sure to pop round to one these for a great day out for everyone!


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