Surviving the storms


IMG_2138Update from my previous blog post: Be strong, walk through the storms

Nearly a month has passed and it seems that I’ve survived the storms (so far)! How, you may ask? Well, I merely listened and opened myself to the advice of someone that no other can replace… my husband.

He always encourages, supports, cares and goes the extra mile for his family. The one thing that I’ve learned from him is that some things you can control (and your reaction to situations is what makes you survive them or let them consume you) and some you can’t. Those you can’t… well, they’re out of your hands. You always just need to give your all, but ALWAYS keep focus on what you hold dearest to your heart. That should be your first priority and for the rest, well time management skills and open communication is key.

A colleague of mine commented the other day stating that “you seem happier lately”. And yes, I am. Even with a to-do list as long as my arm, I’m not stressing, panicking or at a constant fear of ‘the worst’ happening. I do my best, give my best and yes, life lately has been good to me.

A month has past since my previous post, and I’m exhausted from all the busy-ness of the past few weeks. That’s why we’re making time for us as a family and planned a well-deserved family weekend getaway. I cannot tell you how excited I am (like a child!). It all goes to show, the small things (those that you cannot replace with anything else) are what matters. And quality time with my beautiful little girl and handsome, wise beyond his years hubby is the ultimate gift that encourages me to get through all that needs to ‘get done’ each day. They are my purpose and I’m sure that all moms out there can relate. We do what we do, as hard as we do all for the ones we love.

Stay strong, fellow moms! The storm shall soon pass.




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