Sorry I’ve been so quiet (but I can make it up to you!)

So here I am, the working mom within an industry that requires attention from you 24/7 and a toddler that’s in desperate need of her mommy’s love and attention. Not even to mention how my (might I just say AWESOME) husband is feeling. #CanYouSayNeglected

It’s tough being a working parent. Oh wait, it’s tough being a parent…full stop! Not only are you responsible for the life of another, you have to lead by example – that means keeping your cool, no matter how tired, frustrated or upset you are. This is something I am personally struggling with as I’m sure some of you are as well.

 THE REASON FOR MY ABSENCE….? Being too busy with work and not focusing on my family and personal growth. Needless to say, instead of this easing things up and increased productivity it has made me grumpy, frustrated and at some stages just plain stressed. Why? Well, that’s a story for another day (or blog post). The short version is that I need to realign my focus to what’s important – my beautiful baby (um, toddler) girl, my superman hubby and my blog.

 So with all that said, I apologise for the silent treatment and to make it up to you I will be doing a little feature for MooMoo Kids (watch this space!) and you could be the lucky winner of a lovely prize to spoil your little one!

 Here’s to a more balanced life and many more blog posts here on Mama & Me (raising a glass of wine because you know it’s really made to be mommy’s coping mechanism 😉🍷)

 Much love, Chantelle


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