Baby must-haves for busy moms

For those of you that don’t know me yet, I’m Chantelle – a first-time mother to a beautiful little girl named Caitlin that’s captured in this picture above. Apart from the porridge brain that comes with being a Mombie, I can be quite the nervous wreck when I’m not fully prepared for something. Hence the fact why I cried myself silly when I heard that I’m pregnant… it wasn’t planned… and I wasn’t prepared!

So, what does any first time, unprepared mommy-to-be do after she comes out of her denial and accepts that she’s expecting a baby? She goes out and buys all the relevant pregnancy and baby books out there to prepare herself for the next upcoming months… and what’s to follow thereafter. She reads them whole-heartedly whilst the panic rises in her throat with thoughts of ‘how on earth am I going to remember all of this?!’

Almost nine months down the line and the doctor places your beautiful baby girl in her arms and tears of pure joy are running down her face. ‘She’s here!’ – she and her loved one are over the moon! She’s had enough time to prepare herself for being a parent to this little bundle of joy.

In the hospital she’s got the nurses to take care of her little one (and herself!) if she is not able to do so. All is bliss with nothing and no one else to care or worry about than her perfect little angel. A few days later and she’s home. With her partner standing by her side, in front of a cot with a crying newborn baby at 3 o’clock in the morning, having tried all the tips and tricks she’s read and recalled from those educational baby books in her bedside drawers. Seconds away from pulling her hair out of her head, she gives in to what her child needs – her mother! Bugger, what the books say! If she wants to sleep in her mom’s arms while being rocked in the lazy-boy chair, then so be it!

Sounds familiar?

— Yes. I was one of those moms – wanting to do everything by the book. —

To some extend it seemed to work, especially setting in a routine and keeping to a feeding schedule! But for the rest of it, not so much. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

What I did find though was there were certain products on the market that I simply could not have lived without! (To the people that gave them to me as gifts, I THANK you! To those that told me about some of these products, I THANK you!)

This is my top baby must-have products for a busy mom:

  • Babysense App (great for setting in a routine and keeping little one well-nourished with a feeding schedule)

  • Angelcare Baby Monitor (simply the best invention yet! It was my saving grace for not hovering over Caitlin trying to figure out if she’s breathing or not. I still use the light from the monitor as a night light for Caitlin – who is now over 2 years of age)

  • Babysense Swaddling Blanket (yes, if felt weird wrapping her up like a worm in a cocoon, but she slept like an angel in a swaddling blanket)

  • Baby Sling (I had two different ones and both served their purpose during Caitlin’s first year. They were great for keeping my hands available to get stuff done, supporting my back whilst carrying her during the post-birth phase and kept her happy as she was close to mommy. They also worked great as a breastfeeding cover-up when in public places.)

  • Winter Sleeping Bags (By winter Caitlin was big enough to no longer being swaddled so our peaceful nights continued with the use of a baby sleeping bag – simply a genius product!)

  • Angelcare Bath Seat (we had a regular one from Baby Boom before purchasing this one and I have to say that the few extra Rands it cost was definitely worth every bit! It is so sturdy and you really don’t have to stress at all that it will slip or anything.)

  • Fischer Price Rocker & Swing (the best ‘toy’ I’ve ever purchased for Caitlin! She still uses the chair piece today as it can hold up to 18kg. When she was a baby the soothing melodies combined with the swinging motion had her sleeping peacefully in seconds)

  • Bottle Steriliser (no time for sterilising bottles the old fashion way! A microwave bottle steriliser is simply a must-have!)

  • Dr. Brown’s Wide Neck Feeding Bottles (I would recommend these bottles to ALL mothers! Not once did I struggle with winds. They’re specially designed to avoid winds and not as difficult to clean as one would think. Caitlin also loved them!)

Last but not least, there is one baby product that I think would’ve totally rocked my world as it combines three of the products mentioned in the list above. It’s called the Lalaba Blankie – a proudly South African and revolutionary blanket that assists you as a mom with lifting, holding and transporting your little one. It also assists with

  • swaddling

  • recovery from giving birth

  • lifting your sleeping angel from her car seat

  • fully covers while breastfeeding

I came across the Lalaba Blankie just too late – Caitlin was just over 12 months – but seeing it in action at quite a few of the baby expo’s and all the positive testimonials online from both local and even international customers, I’m sure it would’ve been TOP of my list!

SHARE WITH ME: As a fellow busy mom, what are your must-have baby products?



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