A letter to you, the working mom

I felt to write this letter to myself as a reminder that all I do as a mother, wife, employee, daughter, sister and individual does not go unnoticed. I stopped at all I do as a mother in your average working day as we might sit here forever if I had to write for all aspects of my life. Thought to share it with you in the hopes that you realise that you’re not alone in the daily struggle of balancing life and the little things that we think is major seem quite insignificant compared to the small gestures our loves ones show us on a daily basis.

This letter is to you, the working mom. The one that leaves behind a piece of your heart at home everyday to support your family, to set an example of responsibility for your children and to achieve success in your career. Never forgetting the sacrifices of leaving your loved ones behind as you kiss them goodbye every morning.

This is for you, the one with her feet in both worlds. Never feeling quite 100% present in either of them. Hoping that you could get through at least half of your never-ending to-do list before its bedtime. Or even better, not needing any sleep then you’d get it all done! 

To you, waking up at all hours of the night to make sure everyone is having a peaceful night with extra blankets just in case it gets cold. To you, the one that decides to quickly do a load of washing whilst everyone’s asleep and climbs back into bed – just as the little one wakes up. You, the one who doesn’t want to wake the rest of the house, so you get out of bed again and tend to your little one’s needs. To you, the mom who sits with her child to get them back to sleep all over again except this time you can’t fall asleep yourself. 

This is to you, the one who can shower, get dressed and do your hair/makeup in 5.4 minutes right before your liftclub arrives. To you, the mom who can do all this in 5.4 minutes while also getting making sure you’ve freshly ironed clothing for all or quickly folding up the laundry from your early laundry session. You, the mom that can even keep a toddler happy by practising your 12pm presentation while channeling the energy levels and voice of Mickey Mouse. 

This is to you, the mom who walks a fine line between hurrying your slow-paced child and losing your patience because of the fact that everything…takes…so…bladdy…long. To you, the one who smiles big when that slow-paced child shows you her crayon drawing, even though you know you’re already 15 minutes behind schedule. You, the mom who gets all the necessary bags packed and the lunches made and everyone loaded in the car and buckled up, and as they’re about to head out of the driveway you realize you forgot to pack in diapers for potty training classes. 

This is to you, the mom who runs back inside the house, grabs the diapers, stuffs it in the school bag and turns around to get back to the car – as you hear her say: ‘pee-pee mama’. To you, the mom that sits the child on the potty, and waits. You, the mom who waits and waits and waits even though nothing happens. 

This is to you, the mom who does it all, reacts only with a heavy sigh, and repeats the entire ridiculous process all over again.  To you, the one who always puts the school bag on the passenger seat – the only one that knows why it must be placed on that exact seat.

This letter is to you, the mom who stops at school for drop off, hands over a sad toddler with arms reaching for you and disappointment on her little face. To you, the mom who puts on a brave face even though your throat is tight from sadness in leaving your little one in this state. 

This is to you, the mom who turns around and goes to give your little one a proper hug goodbye. To you, the one who lets go second as she noticed breakfast being served in her classroom. You, the mom who glances down at her clothing and notices a few smudges of this morning’s quick yogurt on her pants and blouse. 

This is to you, the mom who opts for the bathroom before going into the office, trying to get out the stains – no such luck. To you, the one who gets one with work, but still wondering how your little angel’s day is going and if she’s missing you as much as you are missing her? To you, the one who delivers that 12pm presentation and rocks it even with a few smudges and stains on your clothes. 

This is to you, the mom who turns down drinks with your co-workers. To you, the one who knows it would take too long and you have too much to do and you just can’t stay later because being a mom doesn’t make allowances at daycare for you to have drinks with friends for fun. You, the mom who hears the details from friends laughing at something together as they return from drinks, and you put your headphones on because you wish you were laughing too

This is to you, the one who gets everything done that needs to be done and still leaves with just enough time to get home to prepare supper. To you, the one who inches your way through traffic and cranks up the radio when ‘Groovin’ from UB40 comes on. You, the one who quickly greets her lift club and hurries inside because you can’t stand to wait any longer. 

This is to you, the one who missed those dainty fingers wrapped around your face and that little voice saying ‘ hello, mama’. To you, for when she looks into your eyes and shines a bright smile just for you. You, for when your heart feels complete.

This is to you, the mom who tidies up the house with a two year old on your hip, makes dinner while your partner runs little ones bath, then feeds the child and almost forgets to feed yourself. To you, the one who baths and plays, gets her little princess dressed and tucks her into bed. You, the one who tucks her into bed again… and again… and again…. and again! 

This is to you, the one who finally collapses on the couch with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee for that last bit of energy to do another tidy-up before bedtime. To you, the mom who quickly catches up on her email, who sees a few mails from your boss.. and your boss’s boss. This is to you who opens up the emails adding the to-do’s to your already long list of to-do’s for tomorrow in your mind whilst gulping the last bit of wine. You that crafts a polite and witty reply and pushes send as you close your screen and head to bed. 

This is to you, The Working Mom. 

Your child(ren) may not see everything you do. Maybe not even your partner. But I see….you. 

This is to you, mom. For doing all of the above and more! For getting up at 5am the next morning to do it all over again. 



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