Daily planning for working moms

I have to admit: I’m quite a scattered brain person. Working in the public relations industry has taught me many time management and organisation skills, but for some reason I have never managed to be as OCD at home as I am at work.

One of the many ways I plan my days – to ensure that I don’t forget essential to-dos for the next day – is to complete a daily planning list in my diary. As I’m totally addicted to Typo diaries (and all their other goodies!), I find it quite easy to print quite a few of these planning printables, stick them in for the week ahead and complete first thing in the morning.

A few other secrets I have to getting things done for the day ahead (without getting myself in a panic state and being pretty much late for everything) is:


    Wake up before your kids and hubby as it provides essential quite time to get your headspace ready for the day ahead, getting everyone’s lunch packs in and maybe even some time for a brisk walk or gym session before work.


    You’re bound to find yourself waking up in the middle of the night remembering something to do, but the next morning you simply cannot recall what it was. Ensure you have a pen and paper on your bedside table. Simply scribble a short (sleepy) note when you wake and the next morning it will be the first thing you see.

    Use planners to ensure that high priority tasks, meetings or deadlines are top of mind. They really do help the scattered brain folk such as myself.

Make use of my FREE daily planner printable for inspirational, organised and fun planning where forgetfulness, stress and panic is sure to be a thing of the past!

Mama & Me – Mommy Planner

  • To-do’s

  • Call/Email

  • Errands/To-buy

  • Appointments

  • Kids activities

  • Chores

  • Dinner section

  • Ideas/Thoughts

Mama & Me – Work Planner

  • Hydrate

  • To-do’s

  • Call/Errands

  • Task breakdown

  • Appointments

  • Read/Watch/Listen

  • Brainstorm

  • Promote

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