3 ways your kids benefit from a working mom

I remember the week prior to going back to work. I was completely stressed out, beyond exhausted and emotionally drained – not the best space to be in when you have to be in top form for work! When mamas of newborn babies return to work there’s always an element of worry about your little one’s future.

According to a few studies made in the US, back-to-work stress has been found to be an unnecessary event that mother’s put themselves through as children with working mothers greatly benefit from their mom’s go-getting ambition. The next generation of kids with working mamas will shift the thinking gender inequality in the workforce, earning a higher income and achieving more success as they climb the career ladder.

There are mainly three benefits that your kids will have if you’re a working mom:

Your little superhero will close the Gender Gap

It has been found that men raised by working moms are more likely to help their other halves with the daily chores around the house and with the kids. This means that both parents will have enough time to explore their careers, spend time with the family and ultimately diminish the gap in gender inequality.

In our home we split household chores and tasks relating to our daughter. It was never set in stone or anything, but we’re partners in everything that we do – that includes helping one another out when you see your partner needs an extra hand or when extra family time is needed.

Your little princess could be the next Boss Lady

Ever wondered what your little girl will be when she’s all grown up? If you’re a working mom, chances are good that she’ll be a natural leader and possibly the next Boss Lady, earning a higher salary than that of her peers. That means she’ll be an independent woman, no matter what industry or career path she decides to follow. Now who doesn’t want that type of assurance?

I’m a perfect example of this. My mom has been a working lady since she was only 16 years old. Almost 40 years later and she’s still working and enjoying herself while doing it. At first I couldn’t understand why she was always working and I hardly got to see her in the day, but today I fully understand and am entirely grateful to her as she provided me with so many opportunities that she never had. This equipped me with the skills and knowledge to succeed in my career path and following her drive and ambition now pushes me to succeed in anything that I set my mind to. Thanks Mom! 🙂

The balancing act will be restored to 50/50 at home

Normally, male adults with working moms have working wives too. This means a two wage-earning family that provides a positive influence on the children with a brighter future, whereby both parents equally contribute both financially and emotionally at home. This sets a great balance at home for the entire family whereby everyone pulls the advantage.

Again, our home falls into this category and even though its not always that simple and easy to manage, it definitely does make life easier when two salaries are available to contribute to the family needs. It also teaches our daughter structure, discipline and responsibility when she knows that both her parents are contributing towards our family, society and country’s future.

So instead of feeling guilty when going back to work or judging another mother for making this decision, lets support one another to achieve our personal goals whilst still being the best parent that we can be.



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